Trinity Christian School is operated by the Association for Christian Schooling in Calgary South. This Society is, in turn, governed by a Board of Directors elected from and by the Society membership.

Society Membership and enrollment at Trinity Christian School are open to Christian families who are active members of a Christian church, and who seek to educate their children according to Biblical principles.

Prior to enrollment a Society Membership Application, personal Statement of Faith and Pastor's Reference must be submitted along with the registration fee. Each Society Member applicant is then interviewed to ensure agreement with and support of the Society's Statements (Basis & Purpose, Statement of Faith & Educational Principles).  Following the interview, the Society Membership application is presented to the Board of Directors for approval prior to admission into the Society or enrollment of children into the school.


Kindergarten Application Timing

We accept Kindergarten Applications 15 months prior (First Business Day of June) to the September Enrollment Date.  Students are placed on the list in order that they are received.  Priority is given to currently enrolled families.

Please note, if a family submits an application for Kindergarten and decides to hold their child back for the following school year, they must submit another application 15 months prior (First Business Day of June) for the next September Enrollment Date.  We, in fairness to all applicants, cannot deem the original application as valid as it was submitted prior to the 15 month Application Opening Date.  The family does not have to pay the Application Fee a second time.

Age Entrance Requirement

The age entrance requirement for Kindergarten is age five years by December 31 of the year enrolled. Final acceptance into the program will be based upon a readiness assessment by the teacher.  

The age entrance requirement for Grade 1 is age six years by December 31 of the year enrolledParents of children with birthdays after December 31, who have successfully completed kindergarten, may appeal to the ACSCS Board of Directors.  With an appeal they must provide supporting educational assessments.


Waitlist Procedure

If you apply and we do not currently have space for your child(ren) your child(ren) will be put on a waitlist.  We will always maintain your child(ren) on our waitlist, moving them to the appropriate grade(s) each year.  The benefit of this is we will contact you if a spot comes available in the future and if you are still interested in attending Trinity Christian School you will have the opportunity to complete the registration process including an interview with our ACSCS board.

Educational Accommodations

Trinity Christian School has a resource team to provide help to those children who need special assistance. When an application for admittance is made for a child with an identified special need, several factors are considered prior to a placement decision:

  • Type of difficulty/special need
  • Previous school record
  • Current number of special needs within the child’s grade
  • Class size
  • Availability of resource staff to meet the needs

Please note, we are currently at capacity for all grades for children with needs.