What is TOC?

The TOC runs fundraisers throughout the year with the purpose of raising funds to help provide enhancements for the students that are not included in the current budget. Items purchased in the past include:

  • playground
  • stage curtains
  • security system
  • bike racks 

The fundraisers we run annually are:

Coupon Books:  September

Lunch Program: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the month.

Walk-a-Thon: May (Check out one of our videos)


Playground Update

Please check back here over the summer to get the latest updates on our Playground enhancements. Please read the attached letter for all the details.  Here is a summary below of the key updates:

  • Resurfacing and extending the asphalt of the existing basketball pad by 10 feet
  • we are refinishing our current basketball hoops and adding 2 additional basketball hoops that are adjustable - Kindergarten to Grade 9s will be able to use them.  This creates 2 basketball courts outside.
  • adding a large asphalt pad (approx 70' x 20') with two tetherball posts and 4 square 
  • rerouting sprinklers

Click here  to see a diagram of the new playgram (not to scale)


The funding for this project has been raised through the Walk-a-thon 2014.  We are also blessed with TCS families who have donated some services for this project including the Bergen and the Kletke families.

Mabel Label's Opportunity

Dear parents, family and friends,

Mabel Label’s are a wonderful way keep track of your child's and family belongings while supporting our school! Never lose another mitten, lunchbox or coat again. We earn 20% of the sales!! Great way to help keep items out of the Lost & Found and a win-win solution.

Check out our page and get an award-winning, super-durable labels and support our school at the same time.

Here's the link 
but feel free to share the link with family and friends. 

Thanks for your support TOC (Trinity-Opportunity-Council)