What makes TCS Unique?


 Our mission is to prepare God's children for a life of learning and service in His world.  By the grace of God, in partnership with the Christian home and church, we will lead children to be the best they can be for God's glory.


Academics are Enhanced
through Christian Teachings:

The goal of Christian education
"is not just a certain way of thinking
but a certain way of being in the world"

James K.A. Smith 


We believe God gives every child gifts and talents to be used in His service. 

We believe the foundation for our school is a deep understanding of who we are as Christians in relation to God (our Worldview).

We believe we must educate our students by addressing the HEAD, HEART and HANDS as a response to our holistic view of the child.

We believe the subjects we study in school are GOD-CREATED and GOD-OWNED. Because everything in the world clearly belongs to HIM, teachers at Trinity Christian School seek to reveal God’s fingerprints in all things, in all subjects, in all classes


What is TEACHING FOR TRANSFORMATION? A curriculum development model that provides a framework for authentic Christian learning experiences. This curriculum:

  • Begins with standards for education derived from scripture
  • Sees and cites evidences of God’s sovereign purposes
  • Calls students, as redeemed image bearers, to acts of restoration
  • Challenges students to put their faith in action and to accept Christ’s invitation to be transformers of this world.

Every unit must be seen as being sacred – a divine opportunity for the student to enter into a deeper relationship with their God.


The academic excellence of Trinity Christian School has been repeatedly recognized by independent organizations such as the Fraser Institute, which consistently ranks Trinity Christian School as a top school in south Calgary.  

We are very proud of our students' success. Their academic achievement is the result of building a strong foundation starting at the primary level.

Feel free to browse our Education Plan and various provincial exam results below:

Alberta Government: Provincial Achievement Test Multiyear Report

Three Year Education Plan:  School Goals Report - Palliser School Division



We strive to ensure our class sizes reflect the makeup of the students and the staffing support required to ensure success for each student.  In other words, class sizes will be capped depending on the number of students requiring extra support (ie IPP's, special needs).  This cap can be below our average targets indicated below.

  • Kindergarten:    20 – 22 students per class
  • Grades 1 – 3:    20 – 22 students per class
  • Grades  4 – 6:   24  students per class
  • Junior High:      24  students per class



 Best word to describe TCS - COMMUNITY

  • Parent Involvement High – highly valued and expected
  • Strong relationship between Home, Church and School
  • Service Projects are part of every classroom experience
  • Buddy System (older classes mentor younger ones)
  • All grades are included in monthly assembly/chapel and school-wide activities
  • Jr. High weekly chapels
  • Family Events (ie. Movie Night)


In preparing God's children for a life of learning and service in His world, TCS purposely integrates community and curriculum.  Each year, classes at TCS choose an area or project of service that is meaningful for them to participate together.