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SALTS 2023 - Day 3

We awoke to a damp, misty morning, but the drizzle stopped shortly after breakfast. After homemade delicious cinnamon buns, oatmeal and fruit, we had a lesson on sailing terminology and the sails of the ship. We then loaded the zodiac in groups and were ferried to the beach on Tumbo Island. This island is uninhabited. We walked along the coastline and then back through the marshy area. A few crabs were found along the way.  After lunch we weighed the anchor and sailed to where we set some prawn traps. We will update where we end up if we have cell service later this evening. Tonight’s dinner will be sausage calzones and salad, then devotions out on the deck before our evening game and mug up time. 

Everyone is doing well…lots of laughter and enjoyment. 

Update - We just anchored in Deep Cove

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