Where DO we Stand...How Do We know?

In grade 8 the students were challenged to critically explore current issues in the past few weeks such as;

  • profiteering during COVID,
  • random acts of kindness,
  • the importance of discerning truth amidst fake news,
  • government hindering free trade during a pandemic,
  • the role of innovation during a crisis.  

They then researched how this might impact either our social, political, economic, or cultural systems based on their own worldview. 

Once they found their stance they were challenged to represent their worldview through the recreation of a famous piece of art, by doing a commercial, public service announcement, or broadcast. 

This is what they came up with...

(Click on the "+" by each name to read student viewpoints)

COVID-19 Pandemic Causing Unemployment ..... By Jaeden K.

How is today’s worldview, with its interest in globalization and innovation, related to the pandemic?

For the past ten years, the technology around the world has evolved greatly. Because of the technology that we have made it has been way easier for people to do their jobs and communicate with friends. There are some apps and businesses that have been used a lot through the pandemic. Apps like Zoom have been used for virtual meetings and other apps like Skip The Dishes have been delivering restaurant meals for a while now but this is the time they have made the most money. With people not being able to go to the restaurant and eat there, they order on their phone and in half an hour it will be at your door. The world’s interest in globalization is pretty much impossible at this time. Every country in the world has a different approach to keep its citizens healthy, have businesses still work, and give money to the people that have been laid off. Because of that reason, there is no way that the world could have one government.

Since the pandemic started, businesses were worrying about the future of their company. They had to start laying off employees and send all the other workers to their homes to work if it was possible. Because of this, families have not been getting the money they used to. This is a very big problem for those families. If they can't get as much money as they used to make, how will they support their family? They won't be going back to work until there is a cure for COVID-19 or it has cleared up, which could be a very long time. Luckily, in Canada they the CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) which can provide you with temporary income support. If you are eligible for this service you can receive $500 a week for up to 16 weeks. This service could save the families that aren't getting any income. 

In my case, my mom got laid off and her orthodontist shut down for the moment but she was able to sign up for the CERB so we are still able to get money. My Dad is still working and it is harder than it was before. At his work, everybody has either been laid off or is working at home except for a few people working at the office.

Profiteering ..... By Luke S

Profiteering is a way of making money, you buy an item for a low price, and then you sell it for a high price. A good time to do this is when certain items are being bought out like crazy, for instance… now, let us use toilet paper for an example, all of the stores are sold out of toilet paper because people think that they are going to be trapped inside their homes for long periods, and not be able to go outside, therefore they are buying as much as they can so they won't run out of it. Profiteers take advantage of these types of situations and buy as much toilet paper as they possibly can and wait until it's all sold out then sell it for double the price so they can take advantage of people in need of the product. Another thing that profiteers do to make money is, let's say that they get something for free or a very low price, and they would sell it for a high amount and make lots of money off of it. Profiteers are all around the world just waiting for the perfect moment, just like now. 

The government and store owners are trying to stop profiteers by not letting them buy more than 1-2 items at a time, this prevents profiteers from buying all of the items and hoarding all of them from people in need of the product, and selling it for double the price. The Canadian government has now declared it illegal to profiteer, thus meaning that people can no longer buy more than 1-2 certain items at a time. Thankfully the government has set laws against it, but there are still profiteers out there who won't stop no matter what.

I think that it's a clever way of making money, but also think that it's not being kind. Essentially what it's doing is making people pay extra for something that they can't get and if they don't pay extra, they can't get the item that they want to buy. I also think that it's just a lazy way of making money and a rude way too, they are basically taking from people and not being honest about the price. Overall I think that it is not right and it has to stop now. 

The reason I chose the wave painting is because I picture it as the coronavirus as all of the struggles that it has put on our shoulders, crashing down on all of us, and I represent all of the people trying to get the supplies. For instance toilet paper, gloves and masks and all of the other things that they need to stock up with.

Articles about profiteering,  https://theodora.com/encyclopedia/p2/profiteering.html




Pandemics;  Better Together or Apart ..... By Lynnea Rust

In a world that has become very integrated, knowledge and ideas can be shared efficiently. This sharing of ideas leads to new ideas and applications that are novel and useful. The international competition related to globalization leads to increased innovation as countries seek to develop new products that can be sold in an international market. Often, globalization and innovation are seen as beneficial qualities. However, as we have seen in this pandemic, sometimes quality has been sacrificed for economic prosperity. As Kofi Annan has stated, “We must ensure that the global market is embedded in broadly shared values and practices that reflect global social needs, and that all the world's people share the benefits of globalization.”

I altered “Starry Night” by Van Gogh. In this version, I placed two planes in the sky. One of the planes is coming from Canada to China with personal protective equipment, donated by national emergency stockpile as the world watched the number of confirmed Covid cases soar in China. As China’s numbers began to stabilize, different countries’ infection rates began to sky-rocket. Because China is one of the leading manufactures of medical supplies, the world’s access to this equipment plummetted when China’s economy was on lockdown and production could no longer meet consumer demand. Eventually, production began to pick up but in a scramble to meet the greater demand, some Chinese manufacturers overlooked the fact that they were required to have a license for sale and had to meet medical standards and quality control. At one point, Canada sent a plane to pick up some supplies and the plane had returned to Canada empty. Apparently, China sold the supplies destined to Canada to the highest bidder. The second plane shown in the modified picture depicts this situation.

Sometimes globalization is not always beneficial due to the fact that quality has to be lost to produce profitable success. Although globalization can seem convenient, it’s at times like these where globalization appears to be more of a hindrance as countries rely so heavily on other countries to provide these essential supplies. During this pandemic, this poses a major problem in that there is a lack of medical supplies where needed and quality has been overlooked in China, where these products are mass-produced. Perhaps this situation will spark innovation within our own borders to become a more self-sustaining nation.

Our Obligation to Discern and Promote Truth ..... By Violet

There is now fake information everywhere in our daily life. They are mostly on the internet; they could also come from someone you know. Sometimes you know they are not telling the truth at all. However, sometimes you have no idea whether they are true or fake information. So, how can we discern this information and what is our obligation to promote truth?

The first way you should try to discern fake information is - think it by yourself. Lots of the fake information is actually nonsense. However, there are still a ton of people believing in it. If you think about this information for a second, you would realize they have no logic in it. For instance, there are people saying you can kill the corona virus by eating garlic. Which is what I symbolized in my recreation of art work. If it is that easy, why is there even an epidemic? So, that is the simplest way to determine whether an information is true or fake. There is another way, of course. You could totally choose to not look at websites that you have never heard of. Keeping track of official websites’ information is a good idea. This way, you could get information that is correct and authentic.

So, what is our obligation to discern and promote truth? It is our obligation to ourselves; because we should know what to do and what is the truth. We don’t want to make mistakes because we believed in fake things. Things we believe forms our worldview - what we think and what we say. The incorrect information affects and misleads our worldview. It is also our obligation to one another; because if we are believing in something that is not true and we let other people receive the wrong information, that is totally irresponsible. If one person spreads it to other people, and other people might spread to more people. There is only one person who received the wrong idea at the beginning, but innumerable people at the end. That is how a rumor is created. Then, how can we stop it? If someone told you gossip that you have no idea whether it is true or fake. The best way is ignore it and do not spread it. As a conclusion, I hope there will be less and less people making fake news, also less people believing in it or spreading it. That is our obligation to ourselves and to others.

When Will Normal be Normal? ..... By Samantha P

I have addressed my driving question which is how much control should the government be permitted to exercise over our social behaviours, and what is considered too much. This affects our cultural system in many ways. Some examples of this are how we used to high five our friends without thinking much of it, but now theoretically, it could even lead to death in some cases. I will be presenting this by recreating a famous work of art from history, but modifying it so it represents our current situation. I won’t need any materials except for my phone so I can edit a picture of some famous artwork, and send it to my email, so I can upload it. I won’t need anyone to help me since it’s pretty simple, and I’ve edited pictures before. I wouldn’t need anyone from my house to participate in this because it’s a task that only one person would need to work on. This will approximately take me an hour to do, because finding a picture of artwork I want to use would take a while, and then editing the picture itself will take a good half an hour, and then uploading the picture as well might take a while. The main idea behind the recreated piece of artwork i did is to show how we all want to have our normal lives back; hanging out with friends, not having to social distance, and it also shows how the majority of us are taking precaution, and bringing hand sanitizer with us everywhere we go, and wearing masks.

Decisions to Benefit the Greater Good ... By Julia K

Welcome back to the News Show. We have returned with our newest announcement: The government of BC has a new requirement that travellers entering BC from outside Canada must submit a 14-day isolation plan. This is part of federal laws, in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus. Just as Premier John Horgan said, as we welcome British Columbians back home, we must stay vigilant and do everything we can. The plan must show that returning travellers have different supports in place in order to safely self-isolate for two full weeks, such as ordering groceries to be delivered, rather than going to buy them at a store. Here, with a strong opinion, is Ryan Johnson, a father of three.

I don’t want to fill out the 14-day isolation plan. I know it is the law, but shouldn’t being quarantined be enough? Isn’t it hard enough that I have to stay home all the time without seeing my friends? I love having more time to myself, and I love being around my wife and kids more often, but why can’t I have a little more freedom to do what I want? I don’t want to fill out some stupid paperwork! I think it’s ridiculous.

Thank you, Ryan. (reach up and touch ‘earpiece’.) Oh, more information is coming in. It turns out that if any airline traveller arrives at YVR with a self-isolation plan needs support, they may find themselves being taken to a place that accommodates their own needs. They begin quarantine there, until major details of their plan are resolved and included in their plan.



If a traveller arrives at a major land border crossing and has not yet created their plan, they will be directly sent home to begin their self-isolation, with check-ins from officials to follow. On top of this, there have been many concerns coming up about public-health orders. For example, some people are refusing to self-isolate, and they aren't finding the power to enforce the Quarantine Act.

Another sign: MORE FREEDOM!

Another sign: LESS ISOLATION!

The Quarantine Act states that anyone who is returning to Canada from another country must self-isolate themselves immediately, with severe consequences if it is not followed correctly. Here is Kelli Smith, a single mom:

I think isolation is a good idea. It helps to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, which is good. However, forcing the rules so strictly isn’t fair. I came back to Canada from Hawaii, and I was immediately forced into isolation. I barely had time to stock up on food for me and my son before I was stuck in my house!

There are various different ideas on the coronavirus. As for me, I agree with them all, but especially Kelli. Isolation is good, but there should be a little bit more flexibility. (touch ‘earpiece’). We have more information coming in. It appears as though the government is having trouble with the rules regarding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The government has a lot of control in this situation. They are able to control the closure of borders, restriction over the movement of goods and people, closing buildings, as well as ordering individuals to seek treatment if necessary. However, some of it may contradict with the restrictions of the coronavirus. The Charter can be flexible if necessary, but there may be specific situations where people are forced to question the reasonable limits. Canada is in great need of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in these peril times. As Michael Bryant said, “The Charter is there to stop decisions that are entirely fear-based and speculative.” Here is Sophie Carter, a fifteen-year-old girl:

I am extremely glad for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Without it, the government could do practically whatever it wanted. Instead of making quick, harsh decisions that are based off of fear, we need to make decisions that will benefit the greater good, and will help us the most in the future. We need to be careful, for a wrong-decision could have very severe consequences.

Thank you for listening to this announcement. Stay safe, and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Julia, Emily, Mom, Dad

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Why Profiteering Must Stop ..... By Jared H.

First of all, profiteering must stop because with all the people home without a job, no one can afford to be buying particular things that are way above their regular price. For example, Amazon has raised its prices for things such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and masks 1,600 percent. One small bottle of hand sanitizer used to very low in price and now one cost as high as 12 dollars. People who intend on profiting, need to realize that people are in need and they need to stop selling just for the money and think about the community in this crisis.

Second, China is profiting off of masks that are not standard quality. They are mass producing them and sending them to many countries such as Spain and the Netherlands. All the countries who China has sent masks to have complained and attacked them about how none of the masks are standard quality.  They also say that for such bad masks they are charging way too much for them. Also, another example is that a man was caught selling reused masks for an incredible amount of money.

Third, I do not understand why someone would take advantage of another human in these times of need. It is not very kind and loving. We need to help each other out during this phenomenon. Profiteering affects social systems and how people behave.

My writing represents my art because my picture represents different parts of profiting. The Mona Lisa is the seller looking very mischievous. Mona Lisa is selling masks and all the necessities we need during this time. The only reason she is selling them is to make money. I tried to make the masks look bad quality but it didn’t quite work. Instead of 10 percent off, she added a - to the sale. All the things she sells are cheap to make or buy for her but expensive for her buyers.

New and Improved da Vinci Art ..... By Delora E.

The Driving question that I have chosen is How Does Online Learning
Impact Our Ability to Learn Effectively? Since all the schools in Alberta have
shut down, we have been doing online learning for the past few weeks. Well, to
me, there are advantages and disadvantages to online learning during this
global pandemic.


  • Able to work at my own pace
  • I can work in a quiet place without class distractions


  • Cannot see friends
  • Cannot see family
  • Cannot see teachers
  • With online learning, there are specific times to talk with teachers, unlike asking for help at school whenever you want
  • No face-to-face interactions

Online learning is more difficult for me, not to mention that I can’t see any of my friends for a few months. I like being at home and working at my own pace, but I still prefer to go to actual school, which allows me to see all my friends and teachers.

The drawing that I have created shows Leonardo da Vinci’s famous sketch of a Helical Air Screw, which was his idea of a helicopter. I changed it by adding people wearing masks over their faces because of the spread of COVID-19. There is a little boy clinging to the pole of the helicopter because he thinks that he can escape the country from the coronavirus, though he doesn’t know that it is a global pandemic.  The other boys and girls are keeping their distance from each other.  They are working together as a team to try and pull the airscrew to the ground since they know that they are not allowed to leave your country because it is

In Social Studies this year, we had the opportunity to learn about the Renaissance and famous artists. Leonardo da Vinci was one of them, although we did not study this particular drawing of his idea of a helicopter in class. So I re-created this work of art, and made it my own art piece that relates to our reality. This is also a great example because during this global pandemic, we still have to work together and learn. We must do so by keeping our distances. In this case, we are doing it by online schooling, which allows us to learn new

. . . Enjoy this original composition by Liam Y. and sponsored by Lysol . . .

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