ACSCS ( Our Society)

Trinity Christian School is an Christian Alternative Program within Palliser Regional Schools. The school exists as a partnership between ACSCS and Palliser Regional Schools to support parental choice for a faith-based public education. Our respective roles are unique and defined. Palliser is responsible for the education program, staff, and supports for learning.   The responsibilities of the ACSCS include providing the facility for the school, ensuring there is a Christian worldview component of the curriculum taught, and setting the requirements for student enrollment.  Our teachers, learning assistants, and school administration are employees of Palliser Regional Schools.  The ACSCS is involved in the hiring process of our educational staff.

Association for Christian Schooling in Calgary South (ACSCS) members include at least one parent of each TCS student, all teachers and staff, and alumni students and parents who have chosen to maintain membership.

The ACSCS carries out its responsibilities through an elected Board of Directors who are assisted by a number of committees of parent volunteers.  Parental involvement is a key component of the operation and culture of TCS.