Staff Directory


Photo of Michelle Duimel

Mrs. Michelle Duimel


Photo of Lesley Wenzel

Mrs. Lesley Wenzel

Vice Principal Junior High

Photo of Dawnyshia Dykshoorn

Miss Dawnyshia Dykshoorn

Vice Principal Elementary

Photo of Moira Van Ellenberg

Mrs. Moira Van Ellenberg

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Cindy Speerin

Mrs. Cindy Speerin

Administrative Assistant

Discipleship Team

Photo of Tim McAlpine

Mr. Tim McAlpine

Discipleship Pastor

Photo of Victoria Scanks

Mrs. Victoria Scanks

Discipleship Team Member

Society Office

Photo of Mike Humphries

Mr. Mike Humphries

Executive Director

Photo of Audra Chase

Mrs. Audra Chase

Admissions & Administrative Coordinator

Photo of Lara Kozan

Mrs. Lara Kozan

Communications Coordinator

Photo of Kelly Clarkson

Mrs. Kelly Clarkson


Photo of Carter McPhail

Mr. Carter McPhail

Facilities Manager

Teaching Staff

Photo of Ashleigh Barclay

Miss Ashleigh Barclay

Grade 2A

Photo of Krista Barkey

Mrs. Krista Barkey

Elementary PE

Photo of Lauren Brown

Mrs. Lauren Brown

Grade 3B and Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Kelly Budd

Miss Kelly Budd

Grade 2B

Photo of Chelsia Chiu

Mrs. Chelsia Chiu

Grade 6C

Photo of Maria Collins

Ms. Maria Collins

Grade 8C

Photo of Doug Crowe

Mr. Doug Crowe

Praise Band Leader

Photo of Andrew Dykshoorn

Mr. Andrew Dykshoorn

Athletic Director

Photo of Lucy Garrett

Miss Lucy Garrett

Grade 4G

Photo of Caroline Hearn

Mrs. Caroline Hearn

Kindergarten T/Th

Photo of Sandra Heinrichs

Mrs. Sandra Heinrichs

Kindergarten M/W

Photo of Erik Holder

Mr. Erik Holder

Grade 3H

Photo of Cindy Kamphuis

Ms. Cindy Kamphuis

Grade 1K

Photo of Kassidy Kavanaugh

Miss Kassidy Kavanaugh

Grades 3 and 5

Photo of Kendra Lake

Mrs. Kendra Lake

Grade 8L

Photo of Maury Michie

Mr. Maury Michie

Grade 5M

Photo of Jennifer Munton

Mrs. Jennifer Munton

Grade 1M

Photo of Dereka Nielson

Ms. Dereka Nielson

Grade 9N

Photo of Cynthia Parker

Mrs. Cynthia Parker

Grade 4P, Christian Curriculum Coordinator & TfT Lead Teacher.

Photo of Gonda Reimer

Mrs. Gonda Reimer

Art, Grade 8 Options & Bible

Photo of Henry Schellenberg

Mr. Henry Schellenberg

Grade 7S

Photo of Melissa Schwann

Mrs. Melissa Schwann

Junior High Performing Arts and Grade 4P

Photo of Sandy Stasko

Mrs. Sandy Stasko

Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Emma Throness

Ms. Emma Throness

Grade 9T

Photo of Vickie Tiessen

Ms. Vickie Tiessen

Grade 6T

Photo of Julie Vander Veen

Mrs. Julie Vander Veen

Grade 7V and Junior High French

Photo of Joyce Verhoeff

Mrs. Joyce Verhoeff

Elementary PE

Photo of Maris Wilks

Miss Maris Wilks

Grade 5W

Supporting Staff

Photo of Alyssa Blake

Mrs. Alyssa Blake

Making Connections Worker

Photo of Deborah Heerema

Mrs. Deborah Heerema


Photo of Kathy Roe

Mrs. Kathy Roe

Family School Liaison Counsellor

Educational Assistants

Photo of Kayla Anstey

Mrs. Kayla Anstey

Photo of Ashley Cramer

Mrs. Ashley Cramer

Photo of Lorraine Deemter

Mrs. Lorraine Deemter

Photo of Shanthi Dhayananth

Mrs. Shanthi Dhayananth

Photo of Carlynn Duimel

Miss Carlynn Duimel

Photo of Elyshia Frank

Ms. Elyshia Frank

Photo of Courtney Heppner

Mrs. Courtney Heppner

Photo of Melissa Hodge

Mrs. Melissa Hodge

Photo of Pamela Hooff

Mrs. Pamela Hooff

Photo of Robin Humphries

Mrs. Robin Humphries

Photo of Lynn Kielstra

Mrs. Lynn Kielstra

Photo of Tracy Knafla

Mrs. Tracy Knafla

Photo of Jill Manuel

Mrs. Jill Manuel

Photo of Shauna Martin

Mrs. Shauna Martin

Photo of Donna Nickerson

Mrs. Donna Nickerson

Photo of Leslie Sawatzky

Mrs. Leslie Sawatzky

Photo of Robyn Schulhauser

Mrs. Robyn Schulhauser

Photo of Jocelyn Stobbart

Mrs. Jocelyn Stobbart