Education Plan

Trinity Christian School Exceeds the Alberta Average in All Categories

TCS Assurance Measures vs Alberta

At TCS we are proud to provide
academic excellence in a faith-based learning environment.


The Alberta government has a system for school authorities to consistently measure success and progress, called the Accountability Pillar.

The Assurance Measures uses 16 measures that show communities how schools and school authorities are performing each year.

Schools and school authorities use the results to identify areas for improvement and to help build their education plans.  

Description of Assurance Measures Categories


  • Safe and Caring: Percentage of teacher, parent and student agreement that: students are safe at school, are learning the importance of caring for others, are learning respect for others and are treated fairly in school.
  • Program of Studies: Percentage of teachers, parents and students satisfied with the opportunity for students to receive a broad program of studies including fine arts, career, technology, and health and physical education.
  • Education Quality: Percentage of teachers, parents and students satisfied with the overall quality of basic education.
  • PAT: Acceptable and Excellence: The Acceptable Standard and Standard of Excellence for exams have fixed standards at 50 and 80 per cent respectively.
  • Work Preparation: Percentage of teachers and parents who agree that students are taught attitudes and behaviours that will make them successful at work when they finish school.
  • Citizenship: Percentage of teachers, parents and students who are satisfied that students model the characteristics of active citizenship.
  • Parental Involvement: Percentage of teachers and parents satisfied with parental involvement in decisions about their child's education.
  • School Involvement: Percentage of teachers, parents and students indicating that their school and schools in their jurisdiction have improved or stayed the same the last three years.