We would love to hear from you!

We are so grateful for the legacy you have left behind with Trinity Christian School whether you are a former student, parent or teacher.  We are confident your memories are full of heart warming thoughts about the friends you made and your personal and spiritual growth. As an alumni of TCS we would like to stay connected with you!  Please send us a note to tell us how your are doing and perhaps we can share your story with the rest of our community.  We are also trying to update our Alumni database.  Please see below.

Stay Informed! Stay Connected!

Just because you no longer walk our halls everyday that doesn't mean you cannot stay informed about the exciting things God is continuing to do at your school.

  • You can find regular updates here on our website as well as on Instagram and Facebook
  • If you would like to be even more involved we would be grateful for your support helping at the school or giving financially.

Please reconnect with us by emailing us or messaging us through Facebook.