School Council


The next School Council meeting is Wednesday, April 17th from 2:00 - 3:00pm in the Learning Commons.


The Purpose and Roles of School Council

What is School Council?

  • A School Council is a legislated, structured group of parents, principals, teachers, and community representatives working together to support and enhance student learning.
  • School Council is a means for parents and the school community to actively consult with and advise the principal and school board on school improvement planning and school operations, for which the principal is responsible.

What is School Council’s Role?

Decision-Making Authority of School Council

  1. Determining School Council operating procedures
  2. Setting policies to govern School Council activities at the school level.
  3. Planning engagement activities that align with School Council’s legislated purpose
  4. Choosing to advise the principal and school board

Core Activities

  1. Advising the principal and board on educational issues pertaining to TCS
  2. Establishing and reviewing School Council’s goals, objectives, action plans and procedures
  3. Communicating and consulting with parents and the school community
  4. Meeting regularly

School Council Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new people and feel part of our amazing community.


  • Weekly Item Sorting: 
    • Pop into the boot room once a week to tidy the lost and found area.  Sort, hang and arrange items, dispose of garbage, return labelled items to the front office.
      Commitment: 15-20min, once a week.  (Frequency may be less, as shared among volunteers)
  • Monthly Outdoor Display
    • Display lost and found items outside the main school doors during school pick-up.
    • Let the front office know the week before you intend to display the lost and found so that they can let families know when to come and look through it.
      Commitment: 3:15-3:45pm, one week each month  (Frequency may be less, as shared among volunteers)

      Contact:  Jessi Krahn


  • Join our Banking Coordinator, Arlene Reimer in helping TCS students open accounts and make interest-bearing deposits through our partnership with the Christian Credit Union. 
  • Commitment: To be confirmed

Contact:  Arlene Reimer



  • Attend planning meetings and use your giftings to bless our staff!  Previous endeavors include Tim's and Village Ice Cream runs, coordinating with local restaurants for a special lunch, decorating the staff room and bulletin board, purchasing flowers, creating a candy bar, creating encouragement notes, providing baking and more!
  • Commitment: Meetings as needed (every 2-3 months in-person or online), event execution as you have time/desire

    Contact: Sam Halvorson


  • All TCS parents and guardians are voting members of School Council!  Our meetings include updates from and opportunities for dialogue/questions with our administration, our Society, and the Palliser board, as well as opportunities to weigh-in on Parent Info Nights and more.
  • School Council meets 4-5 times during the school year.  Meetings are 1 hour in length.  
  • Meeting dates and time are posted on this School Council page and the school bulletin board across from the office.            

Contacts: Dallas Halvorson (Chair)

School Council would also like to promote the following non-School Council volunteer opportunities at TCS:


  • All TCS community members are invited to drop-in for prayer on Thursday mornings at 8:30am in the drama room.  Children are welcome.
  • Confidential prayer requests may be directed to or be hand written in the prayer book kept at the main office.


  • Help us fill our freezer with meals to distribute as needed!
  • Commitment:  just bring a freezer meal anytime!  (Please provide your meal in a container that does not need to be returned to you.)

    Contact:  Audra Chase


Chair: Dallas Halvorson

Vice Chair: TBD

Secretary: TBD


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