Kindergarten is an exciting time for young students and their parents alike!  It is vital that this first year of formal schooling is a positive one, in which a solid educational foundation is laid and a strong sense of community is established.  Our mission at T.C.S. is “To prepare God’s children for a life of learning and service in His world.  By the grace of God, in partnership with the Christian home and church, we will lead children to be the best they can be for God’s glory.”

Our kindergarten program focuses on:

  • Playing, worshipping, serving and learning from God’s perspective
  • Personalized, developmentally appropriate learning
  • Developing responsible, caring, Christ-centered living
  • Interesting, purposeful, sensory-stimulating learning experiences
  • Grade one preparation while encouraging a strong love of learning

Teachers hold a valid Alberta Learning teacher’s certificate and are committed Christians with a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ who love and enjoy being with children.  Our kindergarten teachers are supported by a Learning Assistant.

We follow the Alberta Curriculum and include the following in our programming:

  • Spiritual/faith development
  • Early literacy
  • Early numeracy
  • Creative expression
  • Physical skills and well-being
  • Personal and social development
  • Environment and community awareness
  • Citizenship and identity

An exciting component of the subjects/themes that we cover is something called Teaching for Transformation.  We desire that our students (and ourselves) become:  God-worshippers, Idolatry-discerners, Earth-keepers, Beauty-creators, Justice-seekers, Creation-enjoyers, Servant-workers, Community-builders, Image-reflectors, and Order-discoverers.  Therefore, we strive to weave these “through-lines” into all that we teach and do at Trinity Christian School.

A typical day in Kindergarten would include:

  • Time with God through song, prayer, devotions, & Quiet Time
  • Circle Time
  • Snack & Recess
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics/Reading/Printing/Writing programs
  • Bible Lesson
  • Mathematics
  • Lunch & Playground
  • Specialty Classes (Music, Phys. Ed.)
  • Theme Centres/Purposeful Pay (Dramatic Play, Sand, Playdough, Listening, Games, Blocks, Crafts, Painting, Exploration Station, Light Box, Puzzles, Lego, etc.)

Parents have a wonderful opportunity to build into community and to actively partner in their child’s learning through volunteering.  This would include classroom help, attending field trips, skill practice at home, and classroom maintenance.  Outings we enjoy in Kindergarten are field trips to Cobb's Adventure Park, Telus Spark, the firehall, Granary Road, Treehouse Indoor Playground, and Leighton Art Centre. 

The kindergarten children also participate in school-wide activities such as assemblies, spirit days, Cobs ‘n’ Dogs day, the Christmas concert, sports day, and walkathon.  A sense of community begins even at this level, as the Kinderkids develop a relationship with a “buddy” in grade five—always a highlight for the students.

We also have events specifically for Kindergarten families - Fall Family Fest and Winter Nickel Carnival.

We offer two classes of Kindergarten:

Monday/Wednesday full days (8:20-3:20) OR Tuesday/Thursday full days (8:20-3:20) with most alternate ½ day Fridays (8:20-12:20).  Class size is 22 students.

Please note:  children must be five years of age by December 31st of the year enrolled.


To learn more, contact Audra Chase 
by email or phone 403-254-6682 ext 280.