Performing Arts

Performing Arts

2020/2021 Reimagined


The Grade 9 Theatre class has been learning the craft of theatrical mask and mime.  With health restrictions affecting certain aspects of our program, we found a way to work the use of masks into creative storytelling.  This short story was performed in the Drama space at school, with 11 students involved in the telling, including actors, leaf throwers and camera op.


Grade 8

Grade 8 Theatre - The Grade 8 Theatre class is working through introductory theatre basics including group storytelling, improv fundamentals and rules of stage combat.

Grade 7

We have an awesome new Junior High Option – TCS TV! That’s right, our grade 7 drama class will be coming to you from their own TCS TV broadcast.  Our students are learning public speaking and so much more by becoming reporters and behind the scene operators! 

This new option came as we reimagined how we could keep our families informed about what is going on at TCS during the day.  While TCS TV will keep our families informed, it is also a fun and engaging way to teach our students some useful skills: 

  • public speaking
  • team working skills and the ability to lead and motivate others
  • camera operating
  • graphic design - all of our logos were designed by the students

The types of reports you will view form our students will include:  

  • current events
  • weather
  • sports
  • public service announcements
  • community news

Please check out below: TCS TV Episode One: Thanksgiving

TCS Theatre presents ...

... in May 2019

Click on the photo below to view more photos from the play.

... in 2018

THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE" BY C. S. LEWIS - a dramatic novel study.  

Over the course of Term 2, our JH Drama students immersed themselves in the world of Narnia, according to C. S. Lewis.  Instead of using a prescribed script, we used the dialogue and story details straight from the novel, and adapted them to work with our unique theatre space.  The Drama room was transformed into the actual world of Narnia, complete with good trees and bad trees, strange creatures, Winter, Spring and the many strange things that happen once you walk through a wardrobe door.

... in 2017

ALICE'S WONDERLAND won Best Young Live Theatre Ensemble (full cast).

Congratulations to our Alice's Wonderland cast for being nominated for three awards: 

  • ** BEST ACTRESS LIVE THEATRE AGE 15  Natalie M (not a TCS student)

The awards were presented at the 1st Annual The MICs at the International Awards Gala For Youth.  

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