Service Projects

Services Projects

Part of the Mission Statement of TCS is to prepare God’s children for a life of learning and service in His world.  In preparing God's children for a life of learning and service in His world, TCS purposely integrates community and curriculum.  Each year, classes at TCS choose an area or project of service that is meaningful for them to participate together.

Elementary Classes have:

Junior High Classes have:

  • Spent time with the elderly in our community
  • Organized recycling programs
  • Cleaned school and community parks
  • Raised money for the homeless
  • Supported Operation Christmas Child
  • Supported Turn on the Tap

       Partnered with local and global ministries

  • The Calgary Drop-In Centre
  • The Inter-Faith Food Bank
  • The Mustard Seed
  • Samaritans Purse
  • World Vision 30 Hour Famine

All of these opportunities have an incredible impact on our students by making them aware of needs inout world and that God works through them in making a difference both at home and in other parts of the world.

Grade 5 Service Project - Free the Slaves

Pastor Heidi sends a warm thank you to the grade 5 students and all of Trinity Christian School for their efforts to raise money to free slaves in Sudan. We raised over $1800, enough money to free 37 people from slavery.    Click here to see Thank You video from Reverend Heidi.

Trinity's Compassion Child

Through our "change can" program, TCS is able to raise funds for sponsor a child and help pay for clothing, food, education and health supplies for that child and sometimes the entire village where they live. 

Trinity’s Compassion Child is Yoan Ozb Charuc who lives in Guatemala!

Trinity Christian School has been sponsoring Yoan Ozbeli for 10 years.  Yoan is now a young adult and is no longer able to be a part of the sponsor program.  Please click below to read two beautiful letters that Yoan wrote to our TCS Community. We will be continuing with the  Compassion program and will introduce you to our new child soon.

Letter 1 explaining his life in Guatemala

Letter 2:  his last letter to us.

Please continue to pray for Yoan and his family as he makes his way as a young adult; and for fair leadership and dedication to truth, integrity and justice among Guatemalan Authorities/Government/Leaders. 

Jeans Day for Teachers!

As many of you know, the teachers at TCS participate in a fundraising activity each year called Free Dress Fridays. On these special Fridays teachers are permitted to wear jeans to school, but at a cost! Each Friday that a teacher wears jeans they must pay $2 each to the Free Dress Friday fund. At the end of the year, I collect all the money that has been raised and I send it to a charity that was decided on at the beginning of the year. In the past we have raised money for the Spread the Net Student Challenge and New Hope Girls Academy. This year we will be raising money for Rob & Kara Bustin and their work in Ethiopia. Kara was a teacher here at TCS in grade 3 and now works with Wycliffe Bible Translators and lives in Ethiopia with her husband, Rob and two children. The money raised from Free Dress Friday will go to them and their work there - Bible translation and literacy efforts. Just like in other years, if you feel like you would like to contribute to the Free Dress Friday fund, please let me know.  Please pray for them as they continue to learn the Ambaric language.

                            Andrew Dykshoorn