Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Before and After Care?

Yes, we do!

Starting September 2019, we introduced our partnership with  KLUB Before and After School Care.

For more information and to register, click here.

I am concerned that because TCS is a small Christian school, it creates an unrealistic bubble for my child. How do they cope when they leave TCS?


TCS is a small Christian community.  True.  But it is actually these qualities that prepare our children to be successful in the “real” world. 


Small Community: 

  • being small allows us
    •  the ability to work closely with our families to raise our children (…in partnership with home and church).
    • provide a strong support system – our staff is not only very caring about our students’ academics, but they also focus on  developing the individual gifts of each child.
    • to identify and meet special needs.

Christian Teachings:

  • we provide our students with a strong foundation in the Lord so they are prepared to deal with situations.



“I developed deep friendships with both my teachers and peers and this taught me what to look for when making new friends in high school and university.”  
Rebecca graduated from TCS 2007


“I believe that TCS laid a strong Christian foundation for our children.  When they were faced with some of the worldly challenges in public high school they were able to face them and stay true to their Christian beliefs.  I believe that they have the opportunity to be a light in a sometimes dark place - offering hope.”
Parent of 3 students who attended TCS


“I have been able to cope with peer pressure because I have been taught that God loves me.”
Lexi  graduated from TCS 2013



Does TCS have bussing?

TCS does not have bussing however, many of our families car pool.

TCS helps connect families for car pooling – another great way to get to know families.

Does TCS have uniforms?

TCS does not have uniforms.  We believe each child is unique and can choose what they would like to wear to school.  However, there is a dress code which students are required to adhere to.

Which High Schools do our graduated TCS Students attend?