Athletics is a big part of Trinity Christian School!

TCS provides our students with many opportunities to participate in sports starting in kindergarten.  Organized sports not only provide our students with excercise but also helps them become Community-builders - how to work together for a common goal. The current sports TCS students can participate in are: 

  • Junior High Competitive Sports (volleyball, basketball, badminton, track & field)
  • Intramurals (Grades 4 through 9) include volleyball, handball, basketball, floor hockey, soccer.
  • Junior High Options include Golf clinics and Triathlon
  • Ski Day (Grade 7 through 9)
  • Hockey (Kindergarten to Grade 6) - this is not a TCS program, it is run by parent volunteers.
  • 3 on 3 Basketball (Grades 5 and 6)

TCS focus on athletics in the early years has contributed to our success in junior high competitive sports.  So much so, that did you know we have over 110 banners since 2000?  

Athletic Program

Program Communication

We will strive to create and maintain an environment in which communication is consistent, effective, open and salted with Christian grace.

Please approach the coaching team if you have questions or concerns. However, if you feel these are not being addressed, you can then approach the Athletic Director.


Leadership Team

Athletic Director

The Athletic Director is responsible for leadership of the TCS extra-curricular athletic program. This includes direct involvement in the development and coordination of the program as well as overseeing the administration of the program.

Athletic Administrator

The Athletic Administrator is the athletic program’s “executive assistant”, helping primarily behind the scenes to ensure that the Athletic Coordinator’s administrative tasks are completed effectively and efficiently. While the Athletic Coordinator’s focus is on planning and developing, the Athletic Administrator’s focus is on organizing and communicating.


The Coach is responsible for leadership of the team. Statistics indicate that young athletes are greatly influenced by their coaches. This includes direct involvement in the development of the athletes as well as overseeing team communication and administration.


The Manager is the Coach’s “executive assistant”, taking over the responsibility for team’s communication and administrative tasks such as:

  • Team communication (e.g., ensuring all written communication is distributed, etc.)
  • Assigning drivers for each away-game or tournament
  • Managing tournament details (e.g., permission slips, hotels, food money, etc.)