Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

TCS recognizes that each family has different gifts, talents and ability. Parents are encouraged to use their gifts by being involved in all aspects of Trinity Christian School.  Involvement ranges from helping in the classroom, chaperoning on field trips, coaching sports teams, or joining one of the many committees of TCS.  At TCS there is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that range in level of responsibility and time commitment. Every effort you make is valuable and appreciated.

Please note to volunteer with the students at TCS you must:

  • provide a police check.  Police Checks are usually $30 however, if you obtain a letter from the TCS front office, we cover the cost.
  • Complete the Volunteer Confidentiality Form.  This form is available at the TCS front office.
  • in order to drive any students you must submit the Volunteer Automobile Driver Authorization Form and provide proof of $2,000,000 liability insurance.


The volunteering opportunities have been categorized into three different areas:


  • ACSCS Membership
  • Finance Committee
  • Fundraising Events Committee
  • Information Technology Committee
  • Kindergarten Action Committee
  • Long Range Planning Committee
  • NEW! - TOC (Trinity Opportunity Council)
  • Policy Committee


These volunteer opportunities occur on a regular weekly or monthly basis. Some of these opportunities can be done at your home but the majority are during school hours.

  • Class Parent
  • Class Library Parent
  • Class Phoning Parent
  • In-class Volunteer
  • Parking Supervision
  • Hot Lunch Volunteer
  • Prayer Group
  • Coaching a Sport


These volunteer opportunities include occasional events like field trips or special events. The time commitment is generally 3-4 hours during the event.  There are also opportunities to help with planning each of these events which would require more involvement.

  • Field Trips (on-going)
  • Driving For Comptetitive Sports (Junior High only)
  • Walkathon (May)


If you are interested in volunteering your time for any of these opportunities please email us and we will provide you with a key contact.