School History

Trinity Christian School's journey began in 1993, when a group of Christian families acted on their vision for a new interdenominational Christian School in South Calgary.

Response to Trinity Christian School was so positive that, in 1996, the school purchased and renovated its current facility in Midnapore. In 2006, to meet the growing desire for Christian Education, TCS began expanding by adding a second grade 1 class.  The school currently has 2 classes for K-9.

In 2012 TCS acquired additional floor space in the Atrium VI portion of the building and built 4 new classrooms, storage and office space. In 2016 TCS acquired the remaining floor space on the second floor of Atrium VI of the building and built 6 new classrooms.  The addition of these classrooms was to help re-purpose the previous classroom spaces to provide a better use of space for our students.  This last renovation has allowed us to add a second gym, a new larger library, breakout rooms for students and teachers and additional office space.  The school is ready to accommodate the growing population and has space available to achieve having all our grades doubled.

The number of children attending Trinity Christian School has significantly increased over the past ten years. More than 40 different churches are now represented by our school families.

In the 2018-19 school year we celebrated our 25 year!  We are proud of the journey that has shaped TCS and we are blessed knowing we will continue to partner with so many faithful families in the future.