Corporate Matching

Company Matching

Does your company match charitable donations made by employees?  If they do, you can easily double (or even triple!) the impact of your gift!

Click here to see the list of Canadian companies that offer matching gifts.  Please note, we may have missed yours.  Check with your human resources or on intranet site at work to find out how to initiate a match.

In general, your Human Resources Department will provide you with the required forms.  Once you have received the forms, the process is simple:

  • Complete the form and mail it along with your gift to the Business Office at TCS.  We will indicate on the form that the gift has been received and will return the form to your company.
  • Your company will verify your eligibility and send a cheque to us for the matched amount.
  • An official tax receipt for your gift will be mailed to you and once we receive your employer’s matching gift, they will receive a receipt for their gift.

Trinity does acknowledge that not all companies will recognize our charitable status.  We are coded as a Religious School.  Please verify with your individual company.