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Reflecting on Basketball Season

This season's throughline: JOY

I cannot begin to express how thankful we are to have been able to successfully complete two athletics seasons so far this school year. The 2021/22 Eagles Basketball Season was an absolute joy despite the ongoing obstacles that come with a global pandemic. Both before and during the season I could feel the joy the teams felt as they practiced and played as well as the fans. In the span of the season, we experienced spectator restrictions to spectators not being allowed, mask mandates, canceled games, extended breaks, and illnesses. In the face of all this, our students' perseverance and grit were inspirational to witness. Although there were mixed emotions about these obstacles, the true joy was that our student-athletes got to use, mold, and sharpen the skills and passions that God has given them to bring glory to Him. 

Each team saw an immense amount of success throughout the season. With extracurricular opportunities being limited over the last couple of years, students have missed out on valuable skill development time, but our coaches did a great job of mentoring, teaching, and leading our Eagles to develop strong foundational skills and further their basketball IQ. What brought me so much joy throughout the season was not just the close games and growing skills on display, but more importantly the many lessons of character building provided throughout practices, timeouts, and as students strived to be the hands, feet, and mouth of Jesus on the court.


This is what our coaches had to say about their seasons: 

Coach Kielstra & Coach Throness:
Grade 7 girls had a fantastic time learning the game of basketball this year.  We were so proud of their strong character and positive attitude even when things were not going their way.  They improved so much over the season and won the bronze medal in the final tournament.
Great Job Girls!

Coach Pete & Coach Peter
The grade 7 boys basketball team started with great anticipation and excitement. We were proud of how much improvement they showed all year. Although our boys didn’t have prior experience playing organized basketball, they quickly picked up the game and showed how competitive they were throughout the season. It was exciting to see their commitment to improving their skills. There was lots of learning and having fun this season. One of the highlights was ending the season off by going to see a Basketball Champions League Americas game, watching the pros.

Coach Wilks & Coach Reimer
Wow! What a season we’ve had with our 7/8 team. These girls missed out on valuable court experience because of missing last year’s season with the pandemic, but you’d never know that watching them play now. They’ve figured out how to play together, each filling a unique role on our team. Their persistence and optimism played an undeniable part in us being able to take home the league championship title. We couldn’t be more proud of them, both on and off the court.

Coach Mason, Coach Micah & Coach Jeff
The 2021-22 grade eight basketball season was a year of growth and development for the players in more than just their athletic skills. Having missed the grade seven season – where they usually learn the flow of the game and how to work as a team – it was a steep learning curve. Only a few of the players had been involved in organized basketball before this season so everything was new to a majority of the team. As a coaching staff, we saw every member of the team develop over the course of the season. By the end of the year, we frequently had other coaches comment on the tenacity of our team defence and the way everybody was involved in the offence. It was also great to see them grow as Christian athletes that played as ambassadors as well as athletes. Another highlight was to coach alongside of two former TCS players that were committed to giving back to a program that helped them develop into solid young men and scholar-athletes at the college level.

Coach Collins & Coach Morrell
The Senior Girls had a great season; they didn't face an opponent that outworked them or another team that played better defense! They were workhorses both at practices and during games. As a team, they played a fast-paced game and always made things exciting! I have had the honour of coaching these girls since grade 6 and I will miss their work ethic, sense of humour, and fun factor!

Coach D, Coach Mike & Coach Chris
It was such a pleasure coaching this Sr. Boys team!
Right from the beginning, the boys brought so much passion and intensity to practices and games. As the season progressed, the boys' mindset did not change. They were focused to always improving, eager to learn, and quick to ask questions. One of the biggest challenges we faced was an injury to one of our players and illness that seemed to make its way through the guys. Every player needed to step up into new and significant roles as our roster seemed pretty small at times and step up they did! The boys worked hard and prepared well, which put us in first place going into playoffs and we got to host our final games on our home court. Despite earning top spot, we went into playoffs with that famous Kobe mindset of the "job's not finished" and the boys played like it. In the end we accomplished our goal set at the beginning of the season and won the championship in a tough game against a strong and aggressive Webber Academy team! We're going to miss spending time with these guys and the joy they have brought us.

It is great to see how healthy basketball is in our city and schools. Throughout our seasons and, especially, in our playoff games, great basketball was being played in all grades and at all levels. Congratulations to all of the teams our Eagles battled against in the CISAA for a great season and a strong finish.

To finish up, I want to express again how much joy this basketball season has brought our players, coaches, and school. The pandemic has tried to rob of us of many things that we hold dear and are important to us. However, I had a great view from the bench of the energy our fans brought throughout our Sr. Boys playoff games, I got to observe staff and community members mentor and lead student athletes, I got to cheer on our athletes as they learned to play with one another and encourage each other in their strengths and weaknesses, and I got to play against our senior teams in our annual Staff vs Students game. In each of these experiences, it was clear that Trinity's sense of community is not only still present, but is thriving and has continued to be cultivated throughout the last couple years. Praise God!

Thank you to our amazing coaches, managers, parents/fans, staff members, and, of course, athletes for an awesome basketball season! Each of you play a critical role in the success of our teams and athletic program! I also want to give a special recognition to our "Stream Team" who committed a lot of time to ensure our games were live streamed so that families and friends had the opportunity to see our Eagles play. 

To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Andrew Dykshoorn, Athletic Director


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