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Track & Field

Track was a busy season this year but did not lack drama. We had all kinds of weather through out our 3 track meets, new personal bests, and even meets on holidays. However, through it all, our track team had an excellent season. At our divisional track meet, many of our athletes reached new personal bests in their events, despite the cold and wet weather. Track is such a wonderful event because even though you want to place well among your competitors, your personal best time/distance is the main motivator because it can be concretely and literally measured.

Track and Field is one of my favorite events because there is no better way to finish off an athletic year than with the pillars of athleticism; running, jumping, and throwing.

Divisional results/City Championship Results

Grade 7

  • 100m - Immanuella B (2nd) & Deacon S (3rd)   100m - Immanuella B (3rd) & Deacon S (6th)  
    400m - Deacon S (3rd)  400m - Deacon S (7th)
  • 800m - Joseph H (1st)  800m - Joseph H (1st)
  • 1500m - Joseph H (1st) 1500m - Joseph H (1st)
  • Boys 4x100m (4th)   Boys 4x100m (6th)
  • Long Jump - Immanuella B (1st) & Deacon S (3rd)  Long Jump - Immanuella B (3rd) & Deacon S (8th) 
  • Triple Jump - Kalaya G (4th) & Jayden D (2nd)  Triple Jump - Kalaya G (2nd) & Jayden D (3rd)
  • Shot Put - Immanuella B (3rd) Shot Put - Immanuella B (4th)  
    Discus - Immanuella B (2nd), Sophie E (3rd) & Jayden D (3rd)  Discus - Immanuella B (5th), Sophie E (6th) & Jayden D (7th)
  • Javelin - Kate M (3rd)   Javelin - Kate M (4th)

Grade 8

  • 200m - Micah K(3rd)  200m - Micah K (7th)
  • 400m - Ryan B (4th)  400m - Ryan B (8th)
  • 800m - Ben J (1st)  800m - Ben J (1st)
  • Girls 4x100m Relay (4th)  Girls 4x100m Relay (5th)
  • Boys 4x100m Relay (1st)  Boys 4x100m Relay (2nd)
  • Long Jump - Micah K (1st)  Long Jump - Micah K (2nd)
  • Triple Jump - Ben J (1st) & Tyler J (2nd)  Triple Jump - Ben J (2nd) & Tyler J (3rd)
  • Discus - Olivia L (3rd)  Discus - Olivia L (8th)
  • Javelin - Ingrid S (3rd)

Grade 9 

  • 400m - Jill B (2nd) & Keziah H (4th)
  • 1500m - Hugh S (1st)   1500m - Hugh S (2nd)
  • 3000m - Hugh S (2nd)  3000m - Hugh S (1st)
  • Long Jump - Adriel A (3rd)
  • Triple Jump - Abby M (2nd) & Adriel A (3rd)   Triple Jump - Abby M (2nd)  
    Discus - Leke B (3rd) & Daniel M (4th)  Discus - Leke B (1st) & Daniel M (7th)
  • Javelin - Daniel M (1st)  Javelin - Daniel M (7th)



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