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Volleyball 2014: Grade 7 Boys

The Grade 7 volleyball team didn’t have best start to their season, but they were able to improve a lot. The first games were well played, all of them were very close- always neck to neck. But in the end, they were lost but the team improved on their spirit and teamwork. There were many memories in the first game. A teammate told me the most memorable was when one of the teammates got hit in the face! They still laugh about it today.

The coaches gave good advice and taught the team well on skills and needs in the volleyball games. Practices always went on time and the team was always fresh and ready for another game. The teams never gave up when they lost a match and was always ready for another one. It was when the grade 7 team finally won a game in near the beginning of the season that they began to play well and the team was very excited.

The final games were their toughest games. One of the teammates told me that Rally Pointe was one of the most memorable games played. The team gained a lot of game experience. They won one game but lost three. The games were also very close. The finals games at GCA were the most intense games I have ever seen. The scores were neck-to neck and sometimes our own teams were able to beat other teams by 10 whole points!There was one game where they were 12-10  but our team struck back and the score was 12-25! The team played well and got into the bronze medal match.

The team lost but it was very close. Many team members were disappointed that they lost, but the coaches encouraged the team and told them that their next new year would be another time of victory. The grade 7 team had decided that Mr Graffunder and Miss Dykshoorn were the best coaches ever. The team was very encouraging and we are are ready for another season next school year!


Mark Z

Volleyball 2014: Grade 7 Boys

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