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Proud to be an Eagle!

Volleyball season has begun with amazing results!  This past weekend four of our teams came home from tournaments with medals. 

  • Grade 8 Girls: Silver at the STS Tournament
  • Grade 8 Boys:  Bronze at the STS Tournament
  • Grade 9 Girls:  Gold at the Rally Pointe Tournament
  • Grade 9 Boys:  Silver at the Rally Pointe Tournament

Winning, at TCS, is not the most important goal.  At TCS, we are so proud of how committed our students are to being the best they can be!  Mr. Dykshoorn highlighted this on Instagram, "So awesome to see the drive, passion and abilities of our boys and girls..."   We are also very proud of our athletes when they show sportsmanship.  An example of this, this weekend, was our Grade 9 girls who cheered on the gold medal winners at their tournament.



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