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Year End Volleyball Tournaments

We are quickly approaching the end of this year's volleyball season. It has been great to hear and watch some close games and just see the kids hard work coming together. The athletes really appreciate the support of parents and the fans as well as the relationships that are being built. Please come out and cheer on our teams.


Below are listed all the teams Year End tournament dates and locations (if available). Click here to find the draws.  Note: not all are available yet but will be included when they are available.

Grade 7 girls - November 5/10 at Trinity Christian School

Grade 7 boys - November 4/5 at Glenmore Christian Academy

Grade 7/8 girls - November 3/4 at West Island College

Grade 7/8 boys - November 4/5 at Rundle College

Grade 8/9 girls - QF/SF: November 10 at TBD

                      - Bronze: November 15 at TBD

                      - Championship: November 19 at Clearwater Academy

Grade 8/9 boys - QF/SF: November 8 at TBD

                      - Championship: November 19 at Clearwater Academy

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