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Congratulations to our Staff in their New Roles

Congratulations to many of our staff on accepting new roles this year.  We wish all of you a successful transition and a wonderful year.

Miss Dykshoorn accepts Vice Principal of Elementary
Miss Dykshoorn has been a teacher at TCS since 2008. Throughout that time she has taught grades 5 through 9 and for the last 6 years been the Christian Curriculum Coordinator as well. This year, while she will still be teaching Grade 5 Language Arts, she is stepping into the role of Elementary Vice-Principal.

Mrs. Parker becomes our Christian Curriculum Coordinator and TfT Lead Teacher
Mrs. Parker (formerly Ms. McKitrick) has been at TCS since 2009 as one of our grade 4 teachers. This year she is continuing in this role but also becoming Christian Curriculum Coordinator. Along with Pastor Tim, Mrs. Parker is going to oversee our yearly theme, chapels, and service projects. In addition, Mrs. Parker will be TCS’s Teaching for Transformation (TfT) lead teacher.

Mrs. Alyssa Blake has moved from Educational Assistant to Making Connections Worker.
Mrs. Blake is starting a new role at TCS called Making Connections Worker.  As a Making Connections Worker, Mrs. Blake is a part of Palliser’s Family School Liaison Program.

She will work to promote social and emotional learning as well as increase connections between school, family and community resources. Some of the ways in which she will serve our school community is through group work with students to bring education and open conversations about mental health and wellbeing, as well as connecting families to other mental health community resources. She will also provide social/emotional skill building through small group work with students. This is one of her favourite parts of her job as she loves building relationships with students to help foster the skills they need for emotional health, building their identity in Christ, and becoming kind and compassionate citizens. Some of the small group topics offered include friendship, empathy, self-esteem, self-regulation, conflict management, social skills, coping skills, general wellness, and the list goes on! Your child’s teacher may make a referral to Mrs. Blake.   Please feel free to let the teacher know if you would like a referral for your child. 

Mrs. Blake's background is in Psychology with over ten years experience supporting students in schools. She is passionate about mental health and loves working with children and youth to promote social and emotional wellbeing. She is very excited to be in a school where she can share her Christian faith through her work. 

Stay tuned for updates from Mrs. Blake about mental health tips, resources, events, and more!

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Blake with any questions at 

Mrs. Lake has moved from Kindergarten to Grade 8
Mrs. Lake has been one of our Kindergarten teachers since 2017.  But did you know Mrs. Lake actually began teaching at TCS in 2001 as a Junior High teacher?  Mrs. Lake also has the perspective as a TCS parent and a very active volunteer.  

Mrs. Hearn has moved from Grade 3 to Kindergarten
Mrs Hearn joined us last year as an Educational Assistant.  Before joining us she had over 15 years' experience teaching children from preschool up to grade 4 in Canada and the UK.

Mrs. Leslie Sawatzky moves from Event Coordinator to Kindergarten
Mrs. Sawatzy helped in Kindergarten last year as an Educational Assistant and is making this a permanent move this year.  Prevously, Mrs. Sawatzy was our events coordinator working in our Society office.




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