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National Truth and Reconciliation Day

In respect and honour of Truth and Reconciliation, our TCS students wore orange shirts on September 29th. 

As well, our Junior High invited our neighbours from Tsuut'ina Nation to come and share their traditions and knowledge with us.  The morning was spent discussing and celebrating the culture and tradition of Canada's Indigenous People.  Our Grade 8s used inquiry to discover the intent behind The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  We talked about the history of residential schools and reserves, our understanding and misunderstandings, we then researched the Indian Act, and finally, acknowledged our role as Canadians in reconciliation with our Indigenous Communities.  

In the afternoon, Bruce Starlight Jr. came and told us the story of the teepee as told to him by his family.  We learned the history of the Tsuut'ina peoples and their adaptation from their way of life as Dene First Nation from the North.  

We are so grateful for the Tsuut'ina traditions shared with us, that allowed us to learn and seek understanding with our fellow people.  Our goal, as quoted from Mr. Starlight, is that "once we can learn from and understand each other, we can learn to live in peace together".


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