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Grade 8 Final Project 2022

The future is waiting!!!  At TCS teachers strive to prepare our students for the future.  How do we prepare students to be innovative, critical thinkers, collaborators and demonstrate capacities that make them employable in a world that is constantly changing? 

For this, we need problem solvers!

The Project:

Create a knowledge search for their peers that will require creating clues, writing riddles, incorporating content areas, applying creative thought and innovation along with the soft skills of effective teamwork. 

As their final assessment, we challenged our grade 8s to find authentic ways to demonstrate their learning from this year in their four core subjects while exemplifying the 8 Alberta Learning Core Competencies. 

This project portion will allow students the opportunity to demonstrate your child’s application of knowledge by using higher-level thinking and collaboration skills. Think of this in a similar way as PATs in that we take all the learning from throughout the year and ask students to apply their knowledge through word problems, comprehension, analogy, application, and theory questions.  Our project is very similar but we are asking students to do this with a more hands-on “lab” approach.   


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