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Life is an AMAZING RACE!


At TCS we are blessed to have such a strong community of AMAZING people running the RACE together and supporting each other.  That's what are Annual Dinner Auction is all about - community, support and a whole lot of fun. 

This weekend we were super excited to have our TCS family come together at our annual Dinner Auction to celebrate our journey together.  There were lots of fun games, great auction items to be bid on, and a great deal of time bonding between friends.  Deonne McCausland,  one of our long term family members of 11 years, spoke of her AMAZING experiences with four children attending TCS as well as her everyday RACE of life. Deonne provided an inspiring message encouraging us to stay in this AMAZING Christian RACE even when we hit road blocks. Thanks for sharing Deonne. 

During our live auction, Mr Roper promised to work at one of our small desks for a whole day in the boot room if we raised enough money for 2 classes of tall desks.  We were successful - thanks to each of you!  Looking forward to seeing Mr. Roper in the boot room.  We will let you know when the date has been determined - great opportunity for a photo op with Mr. Roper!

The weather may have been cold outside but it was a warm and wonderful evening.  Thanks to everyone who came to support our wonderful school!  Looking forward to our extra special evening next year when we celebrate our 25th year!

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