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Elementary French Plays

In elementary, at TCS we use the AIM (Accelerative Integrated Methodology) system to learn French. Authentic learning is achieved through scaffolding techniques which use story-telling, gestures, active collaboration and repetition. The use of high-frequency vocabulary, introduced with gestures and contextualized in stories, drama, songs and dance, allows students to rapidly achieve levels of oral and written proficiency rarely seen with conventional methods. 

Our students had the opportunity to present to their parents the following plays:

  • Grade 4 - Le chat et la lune (The Cat and the Moon).  It's about a cat that believes the moon has fallen in the water. All the other animals follow suit in panic, until the king shows them that they are simply looking at a reflection.
  • Grade 5 - Comment y aller (How to get There). A young girl (Marie) from Quebec wants to visit her friend (Pierre) in Paris but finds difficulty in getting there. When she finally arrives, she finds out that Pierre has gone to Quebec to see her!!
  • Grade 6 - Louis la grenouille (Louis the Frog). A lonely frog gets 3 wishes from a genie in hopes to find a friend.

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