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Grade 6 Edmonton Trip

Follow our Grade 6 classes as they learn, explore, and have a ton of fun on the Grade 6 Edmonton Trip. Check back here for updates and photos over the next couple of days! 

Day 1 

Our Edmonton trip is off to an excellent start! Our day was filled with fun, fellowship, and learning. The day started by meeting at Sunwest church so that we could load our buses - one coach bus was full of students, staff members, and a few parents. Then we had a smaller coach bus to bring all of our other parents along as well! The trip up was fantastic! There were Uno and Go Fish games going on, books read, and word searches done. At around noon, we arrived at the Telus World of Science where groups of students and chaperones toured the various exhibits. The current feature exhibit - all about mazes and brain games - was an especially big hit with our students.

Next, it was time for some physical activity! We headed over to West Edmonton Mall and spent a couple of hours swimming, jumping in the wave pool, and sliding down all of the water slides at the waterpark. Especially impressive is that when the pool closed, it only took 22 minutes for everyone to change and check out of the pool with Miss D. For 44 students and 20 or so adults, that is not so bad! Part of the reason for this quick turn around could have been that everyone was hungry after all of that swimming! It was supper time at this point and everyone headed up to the food court for some dinner and time to enjoy each other’s company.

After a bit of time window shopping with their groups, everyone loaded back up on the buses and we headed to our hotel to check in. Then, we all wandered down to the breakfast room where Mr. Michie lead us in worship using his ukulele. These sixth graders can sing! Next, Pastor Tim shared a devotion using Joseph in Genesis as an example and how he points us back to Jesus. To close the evening, the students and chaperones returned to their hotel rooms for some time to watch TV, play some games, and relax with their roommates for the night.

We are excited for Day 2 on Thursday!


Day 2

Our second and final day on our Edmonton Trip started with breakfast at the hotel. The sixth grade faces that greeted us were a mix of excitement and exhaustion so it seems like some rooms slept better than others. Throughout the trip, the group has done an excellent job of following the timelines and making sure that they are where they need to be so that we can fit everything that we want to do in.

Our day at the Legislature was a busy and full one! We started by watching a short film on the history of Alberta in the Pehonan Theatre. “Pehonan” is a Cree word that means gathering or meeting place. The Pehonan Theatre at the Legislature is a 4-D movie going experience and is awesome! The film is projected on the walls around the theatre (on bills that have been passed in Alberta history) and a 1000 lb circular screen that lowers into the centre of the theatre. There are “snowflakes” that fall and breezes that blow through to create a 4-D experience.

Next, the two classes separated and each took part in a mock legislature. In each room a premier, speaker, sergeant-at-arms, lieutenant governor, clerk, and leader of the opposition were chosen. Then their supporting parties were created. Each government was able to propose a bill of change for Trinity. 6T proposed “Bill 167: The More Field Trips Bill” and 6C brought forward “Bill 99: The No Homework Bill”. Both bills passed royal assent with amendments. Maybe we’ll need to present these bills at our next administrative meeting at TCS :)

After a Subway lunch, each class once again joined our respective tour guides and we were given a tour of the Legislature building. We learned about some of the architecture of the grand building, the history of some of our past premiers, and were able to sit in the gallery of the chamber. The grade 6s asked excellent questions throughout the day!

The ride home was a great one! There were definitely a few kids who enjoyed a nap or two on the way.


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