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Junior High Awards

We had the honour to celebrate our Junior High students yesterday for their academic efforts and their strength of character.  The awards that were presented were:

  • French & Spanish
    • student who have excelled in the speaking, writing, and comprehension of Spanish or French.  
      • 10 students from Grade 7
      • 10 students from Grade 8
      • 6 students from Grade 9
  • Career and Technology Studies
    • one student per grade who has demonstrated dedication and excellence.
  • Honour Roll
    • Students who have an overall average between 80% and 90% including final exams, with no grade below 75% will be awarded a spot on the Honour Roll.
      • 8 students in Grade 7,
      • 12 students in Grade 8,
      • 18 students in Grade 9
  • Honours with Distinction -
    • Students who have an overall average that is above 90%, including final exams, with no grade below 85% will be awarded Honours with Distinction.
      • 15 students in Grade 7
      • 16 students in Grade 8
      • 6 students in Grade 9
  • Athletic Leadership
    • One male and one female student from each grade who have demonstrated excellence in athletics by successfully participating on the school sports teams will be selected to win the Athletic Leadership Award.  The student must demonstrate positive leadership, encouragement, dedication, effort, a positive attitude and commitment to the T.C.S. sports teams.  The student must also have taken on a positive leadership role in PE class.
  • Fine Arts Awards
    • one student per grade who have demonstrated dedication and excellence in one of these classes (Art, Drama, and Praise Team).
  • Top Three Academic Grades
    • top 3 students from each grade with the highest overall average mark - there were some ties this year
  • Citizenship
    • two students per grade (one male and one female) who have exemplified Micah 6:8 in their lives and have a track record of including and encouraging others, servant leading, and being a positive role model.  This student has consistently reflected the values of T.C.S.
  • Longevity Award -
    • Students who have been at TCS from Kindergarten to grade 9 
      • 9 students



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