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Kindergarten Service Project

In the month of May, the two Kindergarten classes at Trinity Christian School participated in a special service project.  We wanted to bless another Kindergarten class with new books!  Each kinderkid did some extra jobs around home in order to earn money to buy the books.  On May 13 and 14, they went shopping at the “book store” in the Kindergarten classroom to spend their money.  They also wrote notes to the students in the other class.  We packaged up almost $300 worth of books and sent them to Mrs. Langhofer's class at John Davidson School, which is in Coaldale, AB.  The students at that school come from Low German-speaking, Mennonite families.  We were so excited when we were able to watch them (via Google Hangout) open the boxes of books on May 20!  It was fun to see our new friends and the joy on their faces when they received our gift.

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