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Lego Contest 2021

Once again this year, the Lego Contest judges, Mrs. Heinrichs and Mr. Holder, had a wonderful, but very difficult time choosing the winners from the 56 submissions. We really enjoyed seeing the creativity and hard work put into EACH entry! Thank you all for entering. We hope you had fun, and we hope to see many of you enter again in next year's contest. We would like to tell you that we really like seeing ORIGINAL ideas--things we haven't seen before, so keep that in mind in the future.

So we recognized 10 winning entries and 7 honourable mentions.  To see ALL the submissions, click here.

Here are the winners, who will receive gift cards for ice cream treats:


  • Malcolm M. - K for "Camperz"     
  • Giorgia O. - Gr. 3 for "The Dream Treehouse"
  • Anna-Birgitte H. - K for "It's Mrs. Heinrichs's House!    
  • Nathan B. - Gr. 4 for "Scrapheap Transformer"
  • Joshua F. - Gr. 2 for "Motorized Picker"      
  • Noah. G. - Gr. 6 for "Battle on the Shore"
  • Thomas S. - Gr. 2 for "Green Eggs & Ham"                  
  • Ella, Calia, Judah, & Lincoln H. - Gr. 6, 4, 2, K for "Soccer Surprise"
  • Brianna M. - Gr. 3 for "Brianna's Famous Restaurant"         
  • Nathan, Karis, & Mrs. D. - Gr. 1, PreK, & adult for "Farm Life"

Honourable Mentions go to:

  • Charlotte B. - Kindergarten                            
  • Ben S. - Gr. 1                                                 
  • Brady J. - Gr. 1  
  • Felicity K - Gr. 2    
  • Kayla S. - Gr. 3
  • Ian S. - Gr. 5
  • Annella B. - Gr. 6
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