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Message from Pastor Tim

"My first month at Trinity Christian School has been life giving. Being in the presence of students, listening, encouraging, laughing, playing, talking to and with them, preaching to and praying for them... has been a dream.  I wait with anticipation to see what future grace, God will provide for us. The best is yet to come.”                                       Pastor Tim

Pastor Tim has been very busy over the past month connecting with our students - greeting them as they come to school in the morning, participating in chapel and devotions, attending the Junior High ski days, chatting and praying in the halls, participating in gym classes and so much more.

We are so blessed to have Pastor Tim join our community as our Discipleship Pastor and we look forward to many years of his guidance as we lead our children to be the best they can be for God's glory.


"Our mission is to prepare God's children for a life of learning and service in His world. By the grace of God, in partnership with the Christian home and church, we will lead children to be the best they can be for God's glory."


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