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No Pick-Up at Wingate on Wednesday, April 30th or Thursday, May 1st

To all the Trinity Christian School Families:

Wingate has notified us that their parking lot is going to be cleaned on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 and Thursday, May 1, 2014; as a result of this there will be no parking at the Wingate lot on either of these two days as they will need as much space as possible for their guests and the restaurant patrons.

 Pick up tomorrow and Thursday will therefore be only at the TCS parking lot. 


Please read the following instructions to help ensure a smooth pick-up on these two days.


Please Don’t:

Park or Pick – Up your student on the Road


Please Do: 

-Have patience

-Continue to drive around the block should our parking lot be full instead of ‘parking’ on the street and to alleviate road congestion

-Pick up your student in K to Grade 2 directly after dismissal at 3:20. 

*Note:  If your K to Grade 2 student has older siblings or carpools with older students, they will also be dismissed at that time)

-Pick up your student in Grade 3 – 9 after dismissal at 3:35


Big thank you to all the parents for not parking in the Health Plus/Atrium Six parking lots these past weeks and months.  Please continue to honour this request!


Have a blessed day

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