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Ryan McAllister Shares His Passion for Music, God & World Vision

Today we were blessed to have a concert by Ryan McAllister.   Ryan is a talented Canadian musician who loves and trusts God.  He not only shared his gifts for singing and song writing but he also shared his journey with God.  His path has led him to be an ambassador for World Vision.  Please read his letter....

Dear Parent,
World Vision is a Christian aid organization that has been helping the world's most needy children for over 60 years.  When you sponsor a child for $39/month ($1.30/day) you help provide that child with food, medicine, education &, most importantly, hope.  You & your family are also encouraged to write letters to your sponsor child.  

My name is Ryan McAllister and I'm a musician from Abbotsford, BC.  During an assembly today I shared a bit about my career in music and my experiences in the developing world.   I've seen first hand the power of child sponsorship and can vouch for the amazing work that World Vision does. This past October I had the opportunity to meet my sponsor child Roxana in Guatemala.  It was an amazing experience.  

Your son or daughter may have selected a child today brought home a picture folder.  Please don't feel pressured to do so but If you would like to sponsor that child just fill out the sign up form in the picture folder and return it to Moira in the school office. World Vision will then follow up with you with a welcome package.  If you do not wish to sponsor at this time would you please return the entire picture folder packet to Moira at the office.  There is only one of these picture folders for each World Vision child so we're hoping that none go missing.  If you have any other questions please email me at

Thanks very much for considering this worthwhile cause.  God Bless


Check out Ryan's website to learn more about him and hear some of his moving gospel songs.  His music is unique with a southern gospel, bluegrass & celtic influence.

Ryan McAllister Concert & World Vision

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