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Seussical Jr. The Musical

Seussical the Musical was Amazing!!!

Thank you to Mrs. Charlotte Loeppky and the Grade 7 - 9 Drama Students for putting on such a wonderful show. 

My name is Robert and just recently, I played Horton in Seussical the Musical. My experience on stage was far different than what I have experienced in the past. Last year, I played minor roles in the play, and this year, when Mrs. Loeppky asked me to play Horton, I was extremely excited, and I said yes. Over the past year, we have been working very hard to bring the show onto the local Trinity stage. Though we have all gone through difficult times as a cast, I think that drama is what brings us closer together, and helps us express our feelings in our own, unique, way.  

~ Robert J


Seussical was an extraordinary experience that I as a student had the privilege to be a part of. I have heard so many comments over the past week or so and let me just say that most of those comments were compliments. Being in Seussical was a lot of fun, I will admit that it was hard work at first because we had to memorize the songs and learn how to do the choreo. We came together every Tuesday for 2 hours and practiced for the show which we were all excited about. I must admit that I am sad that the Seussical is over but I am also glad because honestly it was exhausting. Every night after the show I was so exhausted that I literally walked in the door and went straight to bed. In conclusion I had fun and I learned a lot this past year. I hope that I have the privilege to be able to do it again and show TCS what we are capable of.

~ Drama Student

Here are some great photos. 

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