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Thank you for all your fundraising efforts!


Due to your fundraising, TOC has been able to purchase, a much needed, new scoreboard as well as electronic items to enhance our student learning.  Last year, TOC purchased the Padcaster which our drama and film students are currently using to make a school video.  This year TOC has purchased Virtual Reality Googles.  The VR Googles allows for lessons that leave our students with memories and experiences that help them visualize and understand even the most complex of educational subjects.   Our grade 9 students had the opportunity to try them out already.  They had a chance to visit the International Space Station.  Now it’s the parents turn….

Parents can try the VR Googles at the Society Meeting this Thursday – come and experience the view from the top of the Eiffel Tour, swim with the Great White Sharks and many more amazing experiences.

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