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Volleyball: More than Just the Sport

Praying with CCS before a game:)

Congratulations to all of our student athletes on a successful season!  All of our teams had an amazing year winning many regular season games and tournaments (click here to read about each team).  In the last matches of the year, the City Finals, four of our teams won medals: GOLD for Grade 8 Boys, SILVER for Grade 9 and Grade 8 Girls and BRONZE for Grade 7 Boys.  

At TCS, Volleyball is more that just a sport and winning medals.  It is also an amazing example of community and faith.   We are truly blessed as a community to have so many that give their time and expertise to help our students grow in their sport and in their faith.  A REALLY BIG THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who made it possible for our athletes to compete - teachers, coaches, managers, photo takers, snack providers and drivers.


Grade 7 Girls

  • Randy Jamieson - coach
  • Corey Janssen - coach
  • Dawnyshia Dykshoorn - teacher rep
  • Shauna Martin - manager

Grade 8 Girls

  • Yarek Bartosz - coach
  • Jon Roper - teacher and coach
  • Lisa McIntosh  - manager

Grade 9 Girls

  • Joyce Verhoeff - teacher and coach
  • Alayna Deemter - alumni assistant coach
  • Deborah Heerema  - manager

Grade 7 Boys

  • Andrew Dykshoorn - teacher and coach
  • Jamie Bartos - coach
  • Kelly Jarrett - coach
  • Angela Hargreaves - manager

Grade 8 Boys

  • Jay Lake - coach
  • Edith Boldt - teacher and coach
  • Aiden Rust - alumni assistant coach
  • Lynda Thomas - manager

Grade 9 Boys

  • Richard Merritt  - coach
  • Devin Vriend - alumni assistant coach
  • Julie Vanderveen - teacher and assistant coach
  • Jody Vriend - manager



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