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Volunteer of the Year Award

Traditionally, each year, we like to recognize volunteers who go above and beyond service to our school.  At TCS we are blessed with so many volunteers. We recognize and thank every parent and friend of TCS who helps out and builds up our community at the school. Your service strengthens our relationships and brings richness to our school experience. As you share your time and talents you bring joy and love to those around you.

We would like to mention the many TCS parents who were nominated for this award by their peers - Heather McCollister, Shandelle Evasiuk, Derdre van Shoor, Corey Janssen, Michael Rust, Courtney Heppner and Randy Jamieson. While these are the people who were nominated by others we know that there are many others much deserving of this award. The process of nominating the Volunteer of the Year is a simple one. An email is sent to all of our families with the link to the nomination form. We also put it in the Weekly Happenings and it is sent home as an online survey.

The recipient of the 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award is Michelle Rust.  She works tirelessly in many areas of school life. Her dedication and willingness to use her many gifts towards helping TCS flourish is exemplary. She is seen daily around school in September and October hustling Entertainment Books. She is a dedicated driver for many TCS Eagles sporting events as well as classroom field trips. She is currently working very hard to make the Golf Tournament a success. She always goes the extra mile in all the things she participates in and is often willing, at the last minute, to help wherever needed.  People like Michelle make TCS a great place for all of us. She truly lives out the servanthood to which we as Christians are called.



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