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Volunteer of the Year!


Traditionally,  each year, we like to recognize volunteers who go above and beyond service to our school.

Before highlighting our TCS Volunteer of the Year Award, we would like to recognize and thank every parent and friend of TCS who helps out and builds up our community at the school.  Your service strengthens our relationships and brings richness to our school experience. As you share your time and talents you bring joy and love to those around you.  


ALL Volunteers

Please join us on

Tuesday, June 13th anytime between 8:30 & 10:00am

for a coffee (or tea) and to mingle with other volunteers.  

This event will be in our library.


The recipient of the TCS Volunteer of the Year Award is Judy Harder. She works tirelessly in many areas of school life.  Her dedication and willingness to use her many gifts towards helping TCS flourish is exemplary.

Judy is seen daily around school wearing a variety of hats.

  • She wears the Hot Lunch hat every other Wednesday helping kids receive their pizza, Edo or Subway orders.
  • She also wears the Parking attendant hat and is the smiling face
    you see at Wingate when you pick up your children afterschool.
  • She wears the Helper hat in the Grade 5 classroom and reading to our students.
  • On Fridays she puts on a Prayer hat as she meet with others at the school to pray for TCS.
  • And lastly she wears a Society Board hat as she represents the Board at TOC meetings and on the Grade 9 Experience committee.

We would also like to pay tribute to a Debbie Oostenbrink who deserves an honorable mention. She has been the recipient of this award in previous years and was nominated again this year.

Debbie Oostenbrink has spent much of her time here at Trinity on several committees, as a staff librarian, and the Banking Lady. This year she has been a tireless volunteer putting her energy and time towards Mr. Shellenberg’s grade 7 class booking their off campus recreation activities.  She has also been seen cooking eggs for the Pastor’s breakfast, organizing the Grandparents Tea and driving kids here, there and everywhere.  It is Debbie’s last year here and we would like to honor her for her many contributions to TCS with this bouquet of flowers.


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