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Walkathon Celebration

What a fun celebration!  We had the opportunity to thank all the students for their awesome fundraising of more than $20,000.  The funds will be used to purchase a new sound system for the aux gym, picnic tables and a gaga pit.  Then the real fun started....  Thanks to the teachers who were good sports allowing our students to pie you! The deal with the students was for every $5000 raised they got to pie a teacher.  The students voted and the pie recipients were: Mr. Roper, Mrs. Munton, Mrs. Okada and Mr. t'Hart

There was alot of excitement in the gym - check out the photos below.  Can't wait until next year!

Top Class winning a pizza and ice cream party:  3H

Top Students each winning a gift card of their choice:

  • Addyson 2C
  • Calab 3H
  • Paige 5Sn
  • Leland 2C
  • Levi 1K
  • Eliana 4M
  • Abi 2B
  • Sydney 3B
  • Ainsleigh 1M

Top Junior High Student who is Queen of the Day: Maesa

Draw for iPad: Caleb 3H

Pie Throwers: Ader, McKenna, Levi and Teagan




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