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Morning Glory

We awoke to a glorious morning. Following our morning chores, breakfast, and a review of the lessons, the trainees wrote their Junior Sailor exam on the decks of the ships. Then the fun began as several boys, girls, Travis, Mr.  Dykshoorn, Mrs. Wiebe, and Mrs. Duimel jumped off the rope swing. It was exhilarating! Some of the jumps are pictured below. 


We are currently sailing in the Haro Strait with the sun beating down on us. The Grace is ahead of us as pictured below. The Swift just encountered a school of dall's poirpoises that swam alongside our bow for several minutes.  It was so exciting watching them dance alongside of us. Now we just need some wind so we can set the sails.


It is hard to believe we are down to our final evening on the seas. I wish I could bottle the beauty, the joy, the laughter, the creativity, the imagination, and the games we are experiencing while on the water. The kids are amazingly creative and joyful as they play, share, and live live together. It is a true joy and blessing to share this awesome experience with them.


To God be the glory!


See you soon...

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