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A Calm Day on the Water

This morning came quickly for many of our tired sailors, but not quickly enough for those on watch in the cold morning breeze.  It is very encouraging to see the students take on responsibility for their night watches, waking each other and taking watches with others who they may not know very well.  

Morning brought yet another warm and delicious breakfast.  Following breakfast, students had their daily 15 minutes of quiet time on the decks of the boats. Feeling energized and perhaps a little inspired by the Holy Spirit, some students went for a swim.  The SALTS crew set up a rope swing from the yards and many students took a flying leap off the boat.  The cold water forced many screeches from the mouths of shocked students who may have immediately reconsidered the quality of their decision.  Students wildly battled for access to the ladder once in the water.

Following the swim, students had another class - chart reading.  They learned how to read a chart, use latitude and longitude to determine position, and how to find a quality anchorage.  The test will take place tomorrow, however many students have been working to complete the oral exams today.

Following the class, we pulled up the anchor and started on our way to Coles Bay.  The rain spritzed on and off all day as we motored towards our destination.  On the way, we encountered a group of sea lions sharing the top of a research bouy.  We enjoyed watching the battle for position upon a rocking bouy.  Once the scent became to much, we continued on towards our home for the night. 

After dinner aboard the boats, students cleaned their bunks and played a game aboard the boats. 

We are currently wrapping up before mup up singalong, and snack.

We are grateful that the weather has remained steady, the food remains plentiful, and we remain in good spirits. 

Thanks for your prayers! 

Goodnight from Coles Bay.

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