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Goodnight from Lyall Harbour

After a damp night of anchor watches, the Forward Watch group on each boat started the day by swabbing the deck and polishing the bronze aboard. By the end of the week, students should be adept at washing floors and polishing the precious metals around your home! Once the boats were cleaned, the other watch groups were awakened to freshly cooked pancakes.

Newly energized students gathered and prepared to load into the dories (lifeboats) and head on our shore excursion.  One of the highlights of SALTS is the comical loading of the dories and the wet, indirect route student drivers take rowing to shore.  Once onshore, students explored the beach and all the interesting items (such as a car fender) that the shoreline had to offer.  Following our beach exploration, students gathered in the picnic area beyond the beach for a wide-game.  Following the wide game, students rowed, much more successfully, back to their boats for lunch.

After lunch, both boats pulled up their anchors and made their way towards Lyle Harbour, our anchorage for the night. Once out of Bedwell Harbour, the clouds parted and the winds picked up.  We were once again able to sail for the majority of the day. The gentle breeze also lent itself to our first attempt at a man-overboard drill which were successfully executed by both boats.  Following the man-overboard drill, all students went below deck for a class on nautical navigation.

Dinner was shared on the deck of both boats as the sun was setting over the harbour.  Students are now cleaning their bunks before playing a game aboard the boats, and joining together again for mug up. 

Thank you for your continued prayers. We have been greatly blessed with weather, safety, and a great crew.

Goodnight from Lyle Harbour!

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