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Last Night at Sea

We woke up this morning with the sun shining in the cloudless blue sky.  The fall colours in the surrounding forest, the gentle breeze, and the birds chirping spoke of the glory of God.  Students had a large breakfast and then were split into their watches for a final review of the classes from the week.  

This week, students learned about costal navigation, using charts, rules and regulations on the water, points of sail, parts of the boat, knot tying, radio communications, and man-overboard procedures.  In order to get their certification, students had to complete 6 oral exams and the written test with a mark of 80% or higher.  The test took place after the review, and all students wrote the exam.  

After the exam was completed, we weighed the anchor and started heading to our next destination.  At this point, the SALTS store was opened below deck and students had the opportunity to purchase SALTS gear.  For a small window this afternoon after new hoodies and shirts were on, we were nice-smelling and well dressed.  Throughout the afternoon, we had steady winds and were able to get most of the sails flying on both boats.  It was a beautiful picture and a once in a lifetime one experience aboard boats like these.  Many students climbed the shrouds and climbed forward onto the whiskers.

Tonight we are staying in Cadborough bay.  Students are currently enjoying a game of electricity before our mug up, evening snack, and then bed.

It has been a blessing to see the building of community among our students.  Many students have taken on leadership roles, some have built friendships, and many have show growth in character.

Despite it having been a positive experience, we are all excited to return home tomorrow.  We will weigh anchor in the late morning, and hope to arrive in Victoria tomorrow around 3:00.  We will pack up, disembark, and make our way to the airport for 4:30.

We look forward to seeing you all at the airport tomorrow.  We are on flight 0524 from Victoria and are due to arrive in Calgary at 8:51.

See you tomorrow!

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