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Settling in at Bedwell Harbour

After an incredible day on the water, we are just settling into Bedwell Harbour just off of the Pender Islands.  

We started our day with a dry walk to the boats and were able to organize and clamber aboard before the rain started. While our skipper oriented us to the boat below deck, the rain pattered on above.  We learned of the boat operation and were split into three watches.  Following our orientation, we were quickly put to work as we pulled out of Victoria and cruised up the coastline. 

Each watch consists of 6 students, who are grouped into pairs. Each pair is responsible for either Bow Watch (watching for hazards in the water ahead), Wheel and Radio (steering the boat, and manning the radio), and Stern Watch (watching for the approach of hazards from behind, or for items off of the boat that should have remained on...such as students).

As we cruised past Victoria's beautiful coastline, both boats were able to raise their sails.  The wind remained steady, as the warm rays of sunlight battled their way through the clouds.  By late afternoon, we found ourselves gentlly sailing downwind as the sun warmed us, and our First Mate taught us our first class aboard - knot tying.  Students learned a variety of knots, and are challenged to take all six of the oral exams before the final test on Friday.  If successful, students can earn a Junior Sailing Certificate following their time on board. 

We are now anchored and settling in for an evening together.  Soon both boats will come together for an evening activity followed by  singing and mug up before heading to bed or on to night watch. 

Praise the Lord for the perfect fall sailing day, safety, and the beginnings of new bonds and the strengthening of others. As I write this from the hold, the students are excitedly running around the deck and truly enjoying each other's company.  It's amazing what happens when students unplug! 

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Thanks for your continued prayers! 

Goodnight from Pender!

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