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Day 3: Sunny Skies and Smooth Sailing


We awoke to a clear sky and gorgeous sunrise. After scrubbing the deck and eating breakfast, we enjoyed a serene quiet time on deck with the sun shining, the water stilled, and birds dancing in the air. The students then had their first of our four lessons learning the parts of the boat. Later in the afternoon they studied
The rules of the road for boating.

Shortly before lunch we weighed the anchor and set off towards Saturna Island. We anchored in a secluded cove and ventured onto our next adventure... the dories! From laughter to fear, we experienced it all as we climbed off the side of the boats into the tipsy dories and rowed to shore. We enjoyed a hike through the trees to the top of a cliff that revealed spectacular views. We also had some time to climb on the rocks and search for sea anemones and starfish. One student went all out to get up close to a starfish which resulted in a splash! 

The Swift then rafted alongside the Grace for the evening where we all ate dinner on deck as the sun set. Our evening ended with some games on deck, singing in the hold, and then a  warm drink and snack on our separate boats while we reviewed the day and were assigned our night watch hours. We fell sleep under a brilliant starry sky.


Did you know you can track the boats?  Click on the links below and see where they are.

Swift (9H)

Grace (9G)

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