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Days until Departure

Hello Grade 9 Parents,

It is exciting to think in just a few short days, we will be embarking on another great adventure with our grade 9 team.  What an exciting time to see all of the anticipation and hard work come to fruition.  Michelle and I wanted to send out a few reminders about the upcoming trip.

1) Please keep us all in your prayers.  Please pray that we would grow in community, in leadership, in understanding of ourselves, and our Lord, and also that God would bless us with safety and steady winds! 

2) We are planning to meet at the airport at 6:15 am on Sunday morning.  Please be on time, as taking a group through the airport is difficult and tardy students add to the complexity of doing so. We will be departing on flight WS0209 at 7:50 and arriving in Victoria at 8:22.  We will return on Friday evening at 8:51 on flight WS0524.

3) General information about the trip, including our itinerary, packing list, hotel information can be found in the slideshow attached here.  

4) Michelle and I can be contacted throughout our trip by email or by phone/text.  We ask that you connect with us only in the cases of an emergency.  Updates will be provided daily on the TCS SALTS blog that can be found here.  Our contact information is found below.

Michelle 403-542-8132
Jon  403-808-2597
Salts Office  250-383-6811

5) You can locate our ships as we venture around the island by clicking either of the following links.

Locate the Swift 
Locate the Grace

6) Please remember that students should not be bringing any electronic devices (This includes all cellphones and ipods.) other than a digital camera (not the one on their cellphone).  Please ensure that all students leave their cell phones with you.  You are able to connect with Michelle or I should you need to.  Please allow your children to enjoy this experience of being unplugged.

7) You can help your child to get more out of the trip by discussing beforehand their goals for the trip.  Michelle and I have asked students to create a community goal, a personal goal, and a spiritual goal.  

Thank you for your support of this program over the last year and a half as we worked towards this valuable and life-impacting adventure.  Michelle and I look forward to the 5 days ahead as we get to know your children better, and grow together personally and spiritually.  

Fair winds, and calm waters!

Michelle and Jon



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