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Day 2: Setting Sail

Victoria Harbour via Web Cam

 We have had an incredible day today. We started off with a leisurely morning and a bountiful hotel breakfast. At 10:00 we made our way to the Inner Harbour to board the boats. We were met by our crews Andersen quickly whisked away into SALTS life aboard the ship. We learned about the boats, and the daily procedures needed to operate it before we started making our way out of the harbour.

Once out on the water, our watches started their rotations. Each boat is broken into three watches - fore, port, and Starboard watch. Not long into our trip, we worked as a team to raise our sails. What a treat to have warm weather and wind to sail! Soon after raising our sails, we were greeted by a pod of porpoises who followed with us for most of the afternoon. We were all amazed by the graceful beauty of these animals as they played just feet from our bow.

Throughout the day, SALTS has worked hard to train us regarding the operation of the boat. This included raising and lowering the sails, steering, listening for the radio, weighing anchor, and even included some knot tying.

We are now settled in for the evening at South Sydney Island. After a wonderful dinner, students are just getting ready for a game before coming together for our singing and evening snacks. It's amazing to hear the joy in the laughter and giggling, and to see connections being made between the students.

We are so thankful for such an incredible day. Thank you for your continued prayer as we continue this life changing adventure.


Did you know you can track the boats?  Click on the links below and see where they are.

Swift (9H)

Grace (9G)


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