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Double Rainbow

Here are a few reflections from some of our students.  


"Today was a beautiful last day! In the morning we had our junior sailing exam which was, to be honest, rough. When I talked to other people they were convinced that they failed. In general, this past week was amazing. I had so much fun and I got so much closer with the rest. We learned about the life at sea, saw different animals, jumped in the water, did the dishes (which was less exciting), laughed, got soaked but most of all had meaningful and hilarious conversations! The boat was definitely different than I expected. On Monday I did not see myself getting out of this alive but it was a good adventure. 

My favorite experience this week was climbing up the shrouds (lines attached to the top of the mast) and making it all the way to the top. It was so peaceful there and while I was up there, the crew did a 'man overboard' drill and I had fun watching everyone scramble! I also loved the mug ups which included a very fun game and lots of singing." (Thoughts from Evelien)

This week was amazing from really early mornings to very late nights so by the time you get to mug up you are falling asleep on your friend's lap or the person beside you. Today we had our jounior sailor's test (so much fun!), by the end most of us thought we failed, but the worst part is waiting for the results to see if you passed or failed. In our spare time we usually hangout/talk climb the shrouds or take a nap. I would climb the shrouds sitting at the top watching chaos below you. When I finally got to the top it was the best feeling in the world, just letting everything go and the fresh air running through your hair. (Thoughts from Kyla)

Our morning began with rain and it did not look too promising, yet the clouds soon broke apart and the sun was shining. After a thorough review, the students wrote their Junior Sailor's Test. Following that we hauled up the anchor and powered back towards Victoria. The winds picked up so we set the sails and off we went on an exciting adventure. As the winds continued, the rain came again and there was quite the downpour. The ships tossed back and forth through the waters creating lots of excitement. Then, as quickly as the wind and rain came in they left and we were back to sun and a beautiful double rainbow. It was spectacular. 

Another highlight from today was viewing the partial solar eclipse as we sailed. Skipper Tristan had a Sextant on board that we used to view the eclipse. It was so neat and was a terrific start to our next science unit on space. 

Our evening ended with a fun game of camouflage on the boat decks and a time of singing all together. What an abundance of talented musicians! There were 7 crew members playing guitars, base, or mandolin and then our own Lea, Mr. G and Danyel played the violin, guitar and drum. It was such a time of community and unity between our two classes and the two crews. The two crews have really enjoyed rafting together each evening and morning as many of them are family and friends. 

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